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Wheat free banana pancakes

This recipe came from a Scottish friend, who got it from another friend. I can only give credit to Morven Bomphray.

It’s difficult to believe that banana, egg and rice flour would make such an edible pancake, but it does. You can eat them hot on their own, or with a small amount of butter. Nice with peanut butter too. Once they are cold, they are better with butter.

Preparation Time 5 mins
Cooking Time approx 6 mins
Suitable for pre-cooking No
Wheat Free Yes
Sugar Free Yes
Egg Free No
Dairy Free Yes
Gluten Free Yes

2 bananas
1 tbsp rice flour (or slightly more if you like a thicker pancake)
1/4 tsp baking powder (optional)
2 whisked eggs

Mash bananas to a pulp. Stir in flour gradually, avoiding lumps. Stir in whisked eggs.

Divide into 8 small or 4 large pancakes. Drop onto a heavy bottomed frying pan and cook for approx 4 minutes on first side and 2 on the other. Don’t try to turn over until a “crust” has formed on the bottom of the pancake. Test by lifting the side of the pancakes and if they lift easily, turn over.