TastyFreeFrom – ideas for those with restricted diets

I have been publishing articles under aproposrandomness.wordpress.com. for a couple of years. As most of my blogs are now recipes for people with restricted diets, I am moving the recipes to TastyFreeFrom.co.uk

There is a technical fault currently at aproposrandomness.wordpress.com site. All recipes will be transferred shortly.

I have had dietary restrictions all my life and so have developed cakes, scones, breads, biscuits and puddings that are more than edible – I think they are actually worth eating.

Some recipes are wheat free, some dairy or low sugar, others are egg free, and some use a combination. Generally, it does not work trying to exclude too many things at once.

I use a lot of ground almonds – they lighten mixtures. Rye works well with almonds to bind cakes. I usually halve the sugar normally recommended, and when using sweet mincemeat or marmalade, I don’t use extra sugar.

Grated marzipan is a good ingredient to add moisture to a cake. It’s best to coat it in flour (or ground almonds) to stop it sticking together.

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